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I recently updated several client websites with makeovers. It's always a good idea to keep your website updated, and every few years a makeover is not a bad idea, either.

"It' has to be easy!"

One of the biggest requests I get from clients is it has to be easy update their own sites. Things like seasonal hours, specials and offers, along with other details that need to be changed frequently. And if they want to be able to do these things themselves, it has to be easy for them. That's why I changed platforms to a much simpler one that also happens to be much more stable.

I redid my own site on the new platform first, and after a period of time, started redoing my client sites. They are very happy I did so, as am I.

If your site needs a refresher or makeover, contact me and let's see what we can do. Keep in mind that I also do the photography for most of my sites.

Here are some of the recent makeovers. You can click on the individual images to visit each site.

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