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Fitness Challenge Photo Shoot

I was asked to shoot the participants of a Fitness Challenge at Fitness Funatics, a Port Elgin fitness studio and client of mine (visit their website here).

Not all participants wanted their photo taken as part of the challenge, but for those who did, I set up a backdrop and brought in my studio lights for the session. None of them had ever had professional photos done, so naturally they were nervous. But I tried to make it as much fun as I could, and from what I've heard, all of them felt comfortable and enjoyed the session.

Here are some of the resulting photos, chosen by me. I took several photos of each participant, of course, and sent them to them. I made a video as well, which is below the photos. I didn't get any "before" photos, which is too bad. But from all accounts, the women did amazingly well and are super-happy with the results.

Shelly, Fitness Challenge Participant


Leanne, Fitness Challenge


Lisa, a Fitness Challenge Participant


Jane, Fitness Challenge








Some of the participants wanted photos of their tattoos as well, so we did some shots of those, which was fun. And backs are a big thing when you're working on improving your strength, so a few asked specifically for back shots.

Also, Melanie, a Personal Trainer at Fitness Funatics and co-leader of the challenge, asked me to do a new head shot for her, so I've included that here as well.



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