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I Shot A Mama Bear!

Erin Little is a Mama Bear - it says so on her cup of tea! I did a shoot with her last week in her beautiful home office/studio. The photos are for her Facebook Page and other promotional uses.

Like most moms of 2 young girls, Erin's a busy bear. As a home-school teacher, she spends her days ensuring her daughters and the other kids she teaches are well prepared for the world.

But as many of you may know, she also has a child with a rare disease that requires an incredible amount of knowledge, care, and in Erin's case, advocacy. She is also now doing public speaking and offering help to other moms in the community, encouraging them to discuss ideas, offering support and having some fun at the same time.

She has several different roles, this Mama Bear. So we took a variety of photos to reflect that.

Thanks, Erin, we got some good ones - looking forward to seeing some of the photos being used.


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