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Outlaw Food Shoot

On Friday, I got to shoot some amazing food at Outlaw Brew Co. in Southampton. They were catering a function at the Town Hall and asked if I could come shoot their incredible Charcuterie Platter along with some menu items.

Don't need to ask me twice to shoot food!! It's always fun and I love working with the staff to create great images of their work. Doesn't hurt that there's usually some sampling involved, either :)

Thanks to Deb & Andrew and their staff for working their butts off to produce the buffet and the menu items. We got some wicked shots!

The Charcuterie Platter Board is to die for!

Quite a variety, and I love the wood board it's served on.

This platter is huge and absolutely gorgeous, too!

New twist on a Crispy Chicken Sandwich. Their Onion Rings are wicked, too.

Amazing Kale Salad with white wine.

Turkey Club Sandwich with Bolegnese Soup. Oh, man, that soup is wonderful.

I think they should rename the Mega Nachos to "Mountain of Nachos!"

The Salami Pizza is not just huge, it's also delicious. I know because I took it home!

Didn't get to try the Fish Tacos, but don't they look tasty?

Steak Sandwich with onions and melted cheese. Mmmmmm.

Hot Pizza served right out of the oven!

A nice flight of draft beer ready for you!

Cheers to your next gathering at The Outlaw!


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