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Florida Photo Shoot

I was lucky enough to spend the Holidays in Florida with my family this year. The first week the weather was great - the second week, not so much. But it was still nice to be on the ocean chillin' with the fam. And it most definitely beat the unbelievably cold temperatures and crazy amount of snow at home!

My wife's brother and his family were there, too, along with their three beautiful daughters. The girls had agreed to do a stock photo shoot with me while were down there, so we headed to a department store, hit a really nice shopping area on Beach Street, and then the pool and beach.

Port Elgin Photographer Peter McNeice

They were terrific models, totally natural. I've taken pictures of them pretty much their entire lives, but never a structured shoot like this. They nailed it! And their mom even makes an appearance in one photo, with the black hat and phone at the pool.

The girls and I spent some time before the Beach Street shots going to various stores asking for bags, because the dollar stores didn't have any, much to my surprise. The store owners were very nice and accommodating, and we got bags from those who had them. Many thanks to them, as they really make the shots pop.

Photography in Port Elgin, Ontario

Port Elgin Ontario Photographer

Thanks so much to my models, Brie, Bailey, Brooke, and their mom Lanny. You guys were a pleasure to work with and the photos look fantastic! The proof is in the pudding, as my agency in New York has already selected quite a few for their collection, which was the reason for the shoot. It was a total success, and you guys made so. :)


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